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A long way from home

Photo-series on Monique Coupat by Scott Del Vecchio

This week is an important week for my mom. She has been living on our island (île des Loups) since 1985, in this old house that has slowly crumbled as the years have gone by. A house where the fresh air and beautiful sounds of nature traveled though the windows, and where we would shiver in our beds in the winter. She has had to pack her life, our lives, up into boxes, and had to decide which memories were allowed to stay on the journey with her and which ones had to go. This was my final trip to the place I grew up. An incredible spot where time and life was completely different than across the water. Where good and hard memories were formed. I asked her to remember the year she first moved there, the day she brought me home, and what it meant for her to leave this place behind knowing that her future looked bright elsewhere. So long to the bittersweet story, we called home.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 & Lomography Lady Grey w/ Canon AE-1 Program.

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