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Scott Del Vecchio

Is a documentary, outdoors & sports photographer

Born and raised between Île des Loups, a small island outside of Paris, and the beaches of Florida, Scott finds identity in life in nature and the bifocal experience of belonging to two different cultures and countries. 

Since retiring as an elite rower, he has based himself in Far West Texas. Through a semi-nomadic lifestyle and traveling from one coast to another, he strives to make the most of each place by absorbing his surroundings, genuinely connecting and growing alongside other people from all walks of life, all the while striving to achieve his goals. 

Preferring not to be seen, he adapts to his environment to capture the moments that one might not notice. Forever inspired and moved by the play of natural light and the stories of mankind among the elements, he is always seeking to capture the moment when the colors seek to flatter one another and a story can be told by a small shutter sound.

His purpose in all of this is to show the good in life and that a change in perspective makes all the difference.

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Top Hand Ropes Co.

KB Paintworks


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